American comfort food & we make everything from scratch


Entree Served w/mini corn muffin and OJ

Appetizers & salads

Chipotle corn bread w/parsley butter $6
Marinated grilled wings w/ blue cheese dip $7
House cured salmon w/house baked whole grain bread $7
Humus Dip w/olive oil and pita bread $7
House cured maple glazed bacon $7
Caesar salad $8 (add rotisserie chicken $4 / add Salmon $6)
Wedge salad w/ house smoked maple glazed bacon $10
Arugula & Roasted Beet Salad $10

The Eggs

Dishes served w/choice of roasted potato or salad
Three eggs your way $11
Seasonal frittata w/salsa verde and parmesan $11
Healthy baked eggs in garlic and red pepper tomato sauce $12
Goat cheese avocado omelet $13
Four cheese mushroom omelet $13
Egg Rothko w/hamhock green and grilled tomatoes $13
Eggs Benedict w/house cured bacon or salmon $13
Short rib hash w/eggs any style $14
Cream cheese house cured salmon omelet $14
Build your own omelet (choose 3: mushroom, cheese, avocado, tomato, onion, red pepper) $14

Grains & Breads & Main

Organic granola & housemade Greek yogurt topped w/seasonal fruits $10
Buttermilk pancakes topped w/caramelized banana & whipped butter $12
French toast challah bread w/strawberries and bananas $12
House smoked pulled pork over creamy cheese grits $13
Mediterranean Brunch w/eggs any style, humus and chopped salad $14

Sandwiches & Main

Cauliflower cutlet w/filfil mayo on whole grain bread $10
Slow smoked pulled pork on whole grain bread w/coleslaw $11
Brisket sandwich w/horseradish sauce on whole grain bread $12
Kipsey’s burger served on housemade bun w/french fries or salad $12
(Add: Cheese or Caramelized onions $1 • Housemade bacon $2.50)
1/4 or 1/2 Charbroiled rotisserie chicken w/side $10 / $13


Mac and cheese • Hand cut fries • Coleslaw $5


Lunch Specials

Entrée w/side & soft drink $8.95

Rotisserie chicken • Slow Smoked Brisket • Schnitzel • Homemade Meatloaf • Grilled Salmon
Braised Short Rib • Slow Smoked Pork • Fried Chicken • Veggie Plate (3 sides)

Sandwiches w/fries or salad & soft drink $7.95

Served with salad or fries on brioche or whole grain bread
Rotisserie chicken • BLT • Cauliflower Cutlet • Frittata • Homemade Meatloaf • Pulled Pork
Schnitzel • Tomato Grilled Cheese • Slow Smoked Brisket • Homemade Pastrami • Kipsey’s Burger


Chicken Vegetable $6 (add matzo ball $2.50) • Soup of the Day


Mashed Potato • Hamhock greens • Smoked baked beans • Sweet Potato • Yellow rice • Coleslaw
Mac and cheese • Broken potato gratin • Spinach • Cauliflower • Hand cut fries • Mix Green Salad


Dinner Menu


Chipotle cornbread, home baked w/parsley butter $7
Deviled eggs served over homemade mayo, mascarpone egg filling $7
Fried Pickles, Jewish dill pickles fried in beer batter $6
Humus dip w/olive oil, black olive and pita bread $7
Grilled wings marinated in filfil w/blue cheese buttermilk dip $7
House cured salmon over crème fraiche w/whole grain bread $7
Fried Calamari $7
House cured maple glazed bacon $7


Caesar salad $9 (add rotisserie chicken $4/add grilled salmon $6)
Wedge with house cured maple bacon $11
Arugula & Roasted Beet Salad $11


Chicken Vegetable $6 (add matzo ball $2.50)

Entree Dinner

Served with 2 sides of your choice
¼ Charbroiled rotisserie chicken $12
½ Charbroiled rotisserie chicken $15
Fried chicken (Gluten Free) w/honey sambal oelek sauce $14
Schnitzel, thin panko crusted chicken cutlet w/lemon aioli $13
Meat loaf (100% beef) w/mushroom beef au jus and crispy onion $15
House smoked pork w/homemade BBQ sauce and relish $15
Slow smoked brisket w/creamy horseradish sauce $16
Grilled salmon w/spinach cream sauce $17
Braised short rib, slow braised $18
Baby back ribs slow smoked w/homemade BBQ sauce $18


Large Mac & Cheese $8

Veggie Plate (any three sides) $12
Kipsey’s Burger on homemade bun w/salad or fries $12
(Add: Guyrere $1.00 / Carmelized Onion $1.00 / Bacon $2.50)
Fish & Chips w/housemade tartar sauce and malt vinegar $17


Hamhock greens • Smoked baked beans • Sweet Potato
Mac and cheese • Broken potato gratin • Spinach • Cauliflower
Yellow rice • Mashed Potato • Hand cut fries • Coleslaw • Mix Green Salad